panel discussions

This year MBC offers two panel sessions, each with a choice of two topics from which attendees may choose.

panel session A

Going Green and Beyond
It has become standard practice for manufacturing companies to consider the benefits, costs, and trade-offs of “going Green.” This panel will delve into the impact of the Green movement on companies’ strategies in creating sustainable success, the challenges they have faced in creating sustainable strategies, and new trends and innovations in sustainability, particularly in challenging economic conditions.

Moderator: Lynne Kiesling, Senior Lecturer, Kellogg School of Management
› Daniel J. Gisser, Director–Corporate Marketing, Eaton
› Pat Houston KSM MMM ’95, Vice President, Booz & Co.
› Ryan Ruskin KSM MMM ’94, President and COO, The Ruskin Group
› Eric Wilmot, Principal Strategist, frog design
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Targets, Trends, and Techniques in Manufacturing Turnarounds
The current business environment has distressed manufacturing firms across industries, requiring many to seek comprehensive turnaround solutions. Panelists will consider the characteristics which have led to the downturn of individual firms and sectors, then highlight how to put in place a turnaround team charged with finding the opportunities that exist for firms to ensure both short-term and long-term success.

Moderator: James Shein, Professor, Kellogg School of Management
› Duncan Bourne, Managing Director, Wynnchurch Capital
› Patrick Pinkston, VP–Global Platform Services, Agriculture & Turf Division, Deere & Co.
› Andy Rolfe, Founder and Managing Director, The Keystone Group
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panel session B

Protecting Intellectual Property in Emerging Markets
In a slowing economy, many companies have explored and entered emerging markets in order to sustain growth. Global corporations have been negatively affected by the lack of precise and consistent international standards for IP rights, while the developing world often fails to enforce existing laws and take action against violators. This panel examines how companies can expand into new global markets while mitigating damage to their brand and intellectual property.

Moderator: Yi Qian, Professor, Kellogg School of Management
› John F. Ginascol, Vice President–Nutrition Supply Chain, Abbott
› Mark Karasek, EVP/CTO, The Chamberlain Group
› Steven Parmelee, Partner, FitchEvenTabin&Flannery
› Lei Zhang Schlitz, Vice President–Research & Development, ITW
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Offshoring or Onshoring? Where is Manufacturing Headed Next?
Changes in economic conditions, coupled with uncertainty about fuel prices and wage inflation, have undermined the benefits of offshoring. Panelists will discuss the trend to scale back offshoring and bring manufacturing back to the United States, as well as other strategies to counter the effects of wage inflation in Asian manufacturing hubs, the weak dollar, fluctuation in fuel and commodity prices, and international trade regulations and policies.

Moderator: Daniel Spulber, Professor, Kellogg School of Management
› Jim Borsum, Partner, Operations Practice, A.T. Kearney
› Damien Flynn, Vice President–Strategy & Integration for Flat Carbon Americas, ArcelorMittal
› Nelson B. Head KSM ’87, Vice President, SAFCO
› Tom Wieser KSM MMM ’92, Founder & Managing Director, Odyssey Research
Panel biographies

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